Should I Join A Group Fitness Class In Phuket?

One of the best ways to start a fitness routine or to maintain one, is to join/try out one of the group fitness classes near you. Having said that, fitness is a different journey for each person. Whether you’re just getting into it or are a regular gym goer, working out with others with similar fitness goals can make the experience much more enjoyable. Group fitness classes are the perfect option for those of you who are looking to connect with other like-minded people. No matter what your reason may be to sign up for a class, gym classes can offer various benefits to you and your health. So with that covered, let’s find out how many different types of gym classes there are, as well as where you sign up for a group fitness class in Phuket.

All across Phuket there are several gyms for you to choose from, some of which offer different types of exercise classes. If you are looking for a gym class that is near Surin beach, Bangtao beach, or Laguna, Phuket, then you’ll want to check out our group classes at Gym Club Phuket.

Keep in mind exercise is never one-size-fits-all. If you’ve tried one type of class and you didn’t love it, there are probably still other exercise classes in Phuket that could be a game-changer for you.

What are the different types of group fitness classes?

So let’s jump right in and find out how many different types of group fitness classes there are in Phuket, as well as what each class focuses on.

1. Yoga Class

– A group of spiritual, mental, and physical practices

Yoga is a holistic exercise practice which is not only good for your body but also your mind. Although it may look easy, it’s a great workout, your balance, posture and flexibility will improve fairly quickly. There’s a type of yoga class out there to suit everyone, from Gentle to Hot. Classes are very welcoming and you can go at your own pace, it’s definitely not a competitive sport!

2. Body Pump Class

– A Strength Training And Cardio Class

Bodypump is an intense workout, specially designed to target your whole body, shaping and toning, increasing strength and vitality. Routines are followed for a number of weeks so you can really get in the rhythm. They last from 30 to 55 minutes, over time you’ll definitely notice your strength and stamina increase. A great class for burning off those calories.

3. Functional Training Class

– A Class Focused on Structural Strength And Postural Balance

Functional Training helps you cope better with what life has to throw at you. With exercise routines designed to strengthen muscles, joints and bones, they increase flexibility and resilience with repetitive movement. It’s practical and surprisingly invigorating.

4. Spinning Class

– A Combination Of Fast – Paced Cycling & Strategic Rest Intervals

It’s not you that spins at a spinning class, it’s the wheels that spin. Based on stationary bikes, these classes are intense. Led by an instructor, the interval training sessions are motivational and engaging, and you and your classmates will help each other keep up the pace, as will the music! It’s time to get sweaty and pump those pedals.

5. Pilates

– A System Of Controlled Movements

Pilates has some similarities to yoga, it uses stretching and strengthening movements but pilates focuses more on core strength and endurance, and it traditionally uses pilates equipment. Like yoga, it can look easy but can be an intense workout, and like yoga, you go at your own pace and is also great for your posture and balance.

6. HIIT Class

– Explosive Anaerobic Exercise Until The Point Of Exhaustion

High-Intensity Interval Training is becoming very popular as research shows it’s a great way to exercise. Intense, short periods of exercise are alternated with rest time but don’t be fooled into thinking that this makes it easy, it’s hard work! Great for weight loss, it’s an intense cardio workout.

7. Zumba Class

– A Fitness Program That Involves Cardio & Latin – Inspired Dance

Dancing is a great way of exercising and Zumba brings Latin American beats into the gym. There are beginner classes to help you find your groove and the moves are repetitive to help you learn. It’s a fun way to exercise, great to do with friends, or, if you join a class, you’ll soon make some. It hardly even feels like exercise till the next day.

8. Body Combat Class

– Whole-Body Workout For Cardio Fitness

Body Combat brings modern science and ancient martial art moves together for an exercise class which will build strength and cardio endurance. With great music and an inspirational instructor, the aim is to train at 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate pushing to intervals of 85% to 90%, great for fat burning and building stamina.

And when you’re done with your class, there’s nothing better after some serious exercise than a sauna and an ice plunge session. If you’d like to read a bit more about why it’s good for you, check out the ‘The Health Benefits Of Sauna’ blog for the low down.

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